Firefighter Maltese Stickers

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Firefighter Maltese Decals

Firefighters love stickers and decals almost as much as their Firefighter t-shirts! Firefighters will put a sticker on the side of their helmet, or stickers on their vehicles, boats, windows, and even laptop computers.

Irish Firefighters have their choice of shamrock fire fighter stickers. Italian Firefighters have their green,white,and red colors of Italy maltese stickers. Cartoon characters are not exempt either, with Calvin and Spiderman being transformed into firefighter related decals.

The point is that there are many different types of stickers or decals to choose from now. No longer, is your only choice between an “innie or outie” red IAFF sticker also known as the the maltese cross sticker.

You can now choose from reflective scotchguard helmet stickers, funny vehicle stickers, adult content stickers of barely naked models, or memorial style decals that pay tribute to September 11.

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