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The Maltese Cross is used throughout the Fire Service in the United States as a symbol of Honor, Courage, and Dedication.  We were inspired to create a page dedicated to the symbol of today’s Firefighter, the Firefighter Maltese Cross.  Read our blog post on “where did it come from and how did it transform into the symbol of the Firefighter?” 

Today, Firefighters continue to display the same qualities as those brave Knights so many years ago. Regardless if the history of the Maltese Cross is directly related with the fire service, it is a true symbol of sacrifice and courage, which are the same qualities of a Firefighter. Firefighters are proud to wear the maltese cross on their t-shirts, place decals on their vehicles, accent their motorcycles or simply purchase maltese collectible items as gifts.

Types of firefighting equipment

Una de las primeras cosas que debéis considerar es que existen muchos tipos de auriculares inalámbricos. Aun que se crea lo contrario no todos tienen el mismo uso ( Hacer deporte, escuchar música con buena calidad, mantener largas conversaciones, Gaming … ) ¿Necesitas más ayuda? en la siguiente sección te enseñaremos cuales son los diferentes tipos :

Best Selling Firefighting Equipment

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