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Firefighter Maltese Motorcycle Accessories

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For those Firefighters who have motorcyles, finding the right firefighter motorcycle accessories can be a challenge. Whether you belong to the IAFF Motorcycle Group, or just have a group of close friends who ride on the weekends, tricking out your bike is almost as much fun as actually hitting the road.

While many of us can't trick our bikes out as well as Orange County Choppers, we can definately make some easy changes that look great and pay tribute to our fire service.

Money is often secondary for the enthusiast who is looking for a high performance intake kits, chrome crankcase, or the perfect maltese saddle bags.

The Associated Press Photo that appears on this site was part of a story entitled "Harley-Davidson 9/11-inspired bikes become firefighters' memorials. The article appeared in the September 7, 2006 online publication of the Desert Morning News.

Associated Press Photograph


Deciding on a Motorcycle group is also an important step. Many times groups are established by a group of friends who already have similar interests and decide to make a weekly, monthly or annual event.

For example, the International Association of Firefighters has their own Motorcycle Group. The IAFF hosts annual events and is open to any Firefighter who belongs to the International Association of Firefighters.

You can also join one of the many other non fire department related motorcycle groups. They include women on wheels, Marines Motorcycle Club, Southern Cruisers Riders Club, and Leatherneck Internation MC to name a few.

So, get your bike looking good, join a motorcycle club and hit the road.



Today, Firefighters continue to find great ways to display our pride tradition while they ride their motorcycles. Firefighters are proud to wear the maltese cross on their t-shirtS, place decals on their vehicles, or simply purchase maltese collectible items as gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe, ride safe and hopefully the new year brings you much prosperity.


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